The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) and the BHP Billiton Foundation are empowering Australian students to pursue mathematics through their five-year national program, CHOOSEMATHS. The program aims to turn around public perception of mathematics and will contribute to the health of the mathematics pipeline in Australia from school through university and out to industry and the workplace. CHOOSEMATHS will work with students, parents and teachers over five years to turn around community attitude to participation in mathematics, especially for girls and young women.

CHOOSEMATHS Grants provide full or partial support for Australian female mathematical sciences and cognate discipline students and early or mid career researchers to participate in AMSI Flagship programs, including AMSI Winter School 2018. The grants support women to build and extend their skills and professional networks by providing financial support to attend and/or assist with caring responsibilities.

Accommodation for students who are successful with their grant application will be located at Emanuel College, which is a local student accommodation provider close to The University of Queensland campus, and a short distance away from the Brisbane CBD by public transport.

Please note: Grant applications only cover travel and accommodation expenses/arrangements for the applicant only (unless grant funding for dependents has been expressly requested in the application). Any student wishing to bring partners and/or dependents must contact the Winter School Director prior to completing their grant application form.

Preference will be given to applicants from mathematics and statistics departments. However, students from cognate disciplines are invited to apply with the support of the AMSI Member representative at their university. To check whether your institution is an AMSI Member, or to find out the details of your University’s AMSI Member representative, please click here.

The grants are funded by BHP Billiton Foundation and are an initiative of the CHOOSEMATHS Project. Grants are determined on a competitive basis by the CHOOSEMATHS Grant Committee.



1. The CHOOSEMATHS Grants provide full or partial support for Australian enrolled female mathematical sciences and cognate discipline students and early or mid career researchers to participate in AMSI Flagship programs (AMSI Summer School, AMSI Winter School, AMSI BioInfoSummer, AMSI Optimise, AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships)

2. Applicants must be women who are at the time of the event satisfy one of the following:

(a) enrolled in a mathematical sciences program at an AMSI Member University
(b) are early or mid career researchers employed at an AMSI Member University

3. Funding is available for:

(a) Participant travel
(b) Participant accommodation
(c) Partner and/or child travel and/or accommodation support
(d) Caring responsibility support (e.g. Childcare or temporary respite)

Note: Funding will not be granted for day-to-day expenses, for example groceries, clothes, toiletries, etc.

4. Each applicant can receive at most one CHOOSEMATHS Grant in any one-year / 12-month period.

Award of Grants
5. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis by the Committee, taking into account overall benefit to the applicants. The Committee may seek additional information and/or advice as required.

6. Applications may be submitted during the application period, and will be considered according to the schedule outlined.

7. Applications should consist of the completed application form including, but not limited to a budget listing expenses requested and a letter of support from your current supervisor, honours coordinator or head of mathematical sciences clearly stating that they support your application for this grant.

8. Funding of up to $3,000 is available per application, at the discretion of the Committee.

Conditions of Grant
9. In applying for a CHOOSEMATHS Grant applicants agree:

(a) that their name, photo and/or biography can be published on the event website, and for other AMSI and BHP Billiton reports and promotional material, and
(b) to complete and submit a Q&A report about the event, to be used in AMSI and BHP Billiton reports, website, newsletters and other promotional material within 30 days of completion of the program.

10. Recipients must participate fully in the program that funding is received for.

Payment of the Grant
11. The CHOOSEMATHS Grant is paid by AMSI, on confirmation of full attendance from Event Director.

  • There are limited funded places available, and these awards are competitive, therefore, not all applications submitted will necessarily be successful.
  • The right is reserved to allocate and offer an applicant a lower level of funding than originally requested.
  • If an application for funding is unsuccessful, and attendance is dependent on this money, a full refund of the School Fee will be offered on receipt of a written request to withdraw from attending the School.
  • While non-AMSI Member students are welcome to attend and participate in the School, there are currently no Grants available through AMSI to assist with travel, accommodation and/or other costs.

Application Form
The Grant Application Form will ask applicants to answer a number of questions, including 200 words or less (for each answer) on;

  • Why they are attending and want to participate in the AMSI Winter School 2018 program,
  • How participating in the program will benefit their skills, development and career, and
  • Any other information that they think event organisers should know that is relevant to the grant application.

Applicants will be also asked to provide a Letter of Support from a current supervisor, honours coordinator, and/or head of school/department to support their application for funding to attend AMSI Winter School 2018.

Selection Process
The Committee will examine all applications received by 11.59pm on Tuesday 12 June 2018, and discuss grants and funding levels during the review period with relevant stakeholders including AMSI Member Representatives, and the Local Organising Committee. The Committee may seek additional information and/or advice during this time. Successful applicants will be notified by email with a Grant Notification Letter by 5.00pm on Friday 15 June 2018.

Acceptance of Grant
Successful applicants must confirm acceptance of the Grant as per the Grant Notification letter by 5.00pm on Monday 18 June 2018.  Offers not accepted within this time may be withdrawn and may be offered to other applicants.

Payment of Grant

Travel funding, if awarded, will be provided after the event. The attendee must submit tax invoices (where possible) or other receipts for their travel to their own university, which can then invoice the appropriate organisation for reimbursement up to the agreed maximum amount.

The attendee must submit tax invoices/receipts for the agreed items to their home university to arrange reimbursement, with funding awarded to a capped amount for each item. Accommodation funding, if awarded, will be provided direct to UniLodge South Bank, except in special circumstances.

NOTE: It is the applicants’ responsibility to check their university guidelines before booking travel

The home university must then produce an invoice to claim the expense, addressed to:

  • The University of Melbourne (Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute)

Invoices must include the following details:

  • Date and Full Name of the Event
  • Name of the Grant Recipient
  • Name of the Person/s who Travelled to the Event
  • Tax Invoices/Receipts relating to each Expense

Professor Geoff Prince, AMSI Director
Professor Markus Hegland, AMSI Deputy Director
Associate Professor Inge Koch, AMSI Choose Maths Executive Director
Janine McIntosh, AMSI Program Manager, Schools
Chloe Pearse, AMSI Program Manager, Research & Higher Education