Develop your mathematical science skills and national networks

AMSI Winter School is an annual two-week event designed for postgraduate students, early-career researchers and industry professionals in the mathematical sciences and related disciplines.

Delve into the latest research and trends with national and international experts under the 2024 theme of Mathematics for Decision Making Under Uncertainty. Hosted by the University of Queensland from 24 June – 5 July, the program includes social events, specialist guest lectures, participants talks and a careers session to promote networking and collaboration.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend in person to maximise their experience, however, can opt to join online. Please note not all elements of the program are available remotely.

Key Dates

Program and Grant applications close
Winter School 2024 commences

Mathematics for Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Mathematical approaches for decision-making under uncertainty are applicable in various fields. This necessitates cutting-edge mathematical theories and techniques. Stochastic processes are employed to model information dynamics efficiently. Techniques developed in control and learning theory are essential for deriving and computing near-optimal yet computable decision-making strategies.

This two-week school will provide advanced courses in fundamental and applied aspects of probability, statistics, and optimisation presented by leading academic experts. Lectures will equip students and early-career researchers to succeed in academia and to become leaders in data and analysis-driven future workforces.

It is expected that all participants will be proficient in calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and probability at an advanced (e.g., 2nd/3rd year) undergraduate level. Preferably, participants also have some experience with stochastic processes (e.g., Markov chains) and/or optimisation theory. Applicants should address their level of knowledge and preparedness in the application.


Program Fees


All prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST

Travel Grants

AMSI Winter School travel grants are available to assist students from AMSI member universities with the cost of travel and accommodation. Female, First Nations and regional, rural and remote students are encouraged to apply.

Code of conduct

AMSI and UQ are committed to ensuring Winter School 2024 is a welcoming, safe and productive meeting environment that fosters open dialogue and the exchange of ideas, promotes equal opportunities and treatment for all participants, and is free of harassment and discrimination.

We ask all participants to review UQ’s Code of Conduct. Adherence to this Code is a requirement for all Winter School participants.

Individuals experiencing or observing inappropriate behaviour or breaches of this Code are encouraged to report this to the Winter School Event Director or AMSI.