“I also enjoyed talking to people who share
the same interests in Maths.”

HOA BUI, Federation University

A Celebration of Mathematics – Diversity in STEM


We welcome all students, researchers and professionals with an interest in STEM to join us for a relaxed evening of talks and lively discussions!


Light refreshments will be provided to all guests.

Where: Gardens Theatre Foyer, X Block, Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point campus
When: Wednesday 3 July  Time: 5.00pm

Meet our Speakers

Grace Garden

Researcher (Mathematics)
Boeing Research and Technology – Australia

Grace Garden graduated from the University of Sydney in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) with 1st Class Honours in Pure Mathematics. Grace’s honours thesis used applied mathematical concepts to explore the behaviour of the mapping class group, a topological invariant that resides within the sub-field of geometric topology.

Grace has been a part of the Autonomous Systems team in Boeing Research and Technology Australia since 2016. As part of the team, Grace develops separation provision and collision avoidance models designed specifically for unmanned aircraft. The models can be used to generate mathematically rigorous aircraft advisories with consideration to aviation requirements and rules of the air.

Grace has applied to begin a PhD in geometry and topology part-time, starting mid-2019.

Jen Pestana

Lecturer – Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Jen Pestana is a lecturer in numerical analysis at the University of Strathclyde. Prior to this she received her DPhil in Numerical Analysis from Oxford and held postdoctoral positions at The University of Manchester and Oxford University.

Jen’s research lies in the field of numerical linear algebra, a branch of numerical analysis that deals with matrix problems. Most of her work is on the development and analysis of tailored iterative methods for solving linear systems arising from scientific computing applications. She is particularly interested in understanding and exploiting a problems’s structure, and the relationship between a linear system of equations and the underlying (usually continuous) problem. She also conducts research into characterising the convergence rate of iterative methods for nonsymmetric (non-self-adjoint) problems.

Qianqian Yang

ARC DECRA Research Fellow
Queensland University of Technology

Dr Yang received her PhD in computational mathematics at QUT in 2010 for her thesis entitled ‘Novel analytical and numerical methods for solving fractional dynamical systems’. After completion of her PhD, Dr Yang now works as a Lecturer in the School of Mathematical Sciences, QUT and she enjoys teaching first- and second-year undergraduate computational mathematics. Her main research interests are to investigate the efficient methods for solving fractional order partial differential equations and to explore the exciting applications of fractional order models. Dr Yang received her ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award in 2015 to work on New Mathematical Models for Capturing Heterogeneity of Human Brain Tissue using MRI data. In 2019, Dr Yang and collaborators received another ARC Discovery Project Grant to work on Fractional Dynamic Models for MRI to Probe Tissue Microstructure.

Taylah Griffin

Test Engineer, Wedgetail team
Boeing Defence Australia

Taylah is a proud Gangaglu woman, who grew up in Gordonvale, Far North Queensland. She moved to Brisbane to study at QUT, and in 2018, became the first Indigenous person to graduate with an Honours degree in Electrical and Aerospace Engineering, and the first Indigenous female to graduate from any QUT engineering degree at all. During her time at university she completed a number of industry internships. And now currently works as a Test Engineer, within the Wedgetail team at Boeing Defence Australia.

Public Lecture

Join us on Monday 8 July as we have a special guest lecturer make a special presentation to students, researchers and the public.
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